November Clothing Purchases

November Purchases

It's the last day of November - time for a run down of what I spent this month on clothing and accessory purchases. I am trying for $50 a month on fashion-related purchases. I went a little over this month - got sucked in by a few good Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

I don't have pictures of everything, but here's what I got.

  • Sonoma plaid shirt from Goodwill - $3.65
  • White Lands' End button down - $3.75
  • Turquoise and black polka dot blouse from Elder Beerman - $5.33
  • Owl necklace via Amazon - $1
  • Casual graphic print t-shirt from Kohl's - $2.12
  • Striped knit blazer from Target - $8
  • Mustard flats from Target - $6.37
  • Red bubble necklace from Caroline G. - $5.95
  • Layering tanks from JCPenney -  $9.56
  • Aqua and Silver shirt from Kohl's - $4.43
  • Sparkly embellished t-shirt from Kohl's - $4.26
  • 2 pairs bubble earrings from Groopdealz - $3
Total: $47.80

I used  Kohl's cash for at least one purchase and I ended up doing a little extra shopping to get something new for a wedding we're going to tomorrow. I think the sparkly top will work well for the wedding and the upcoming holidays - it seems pretty versatile. The tanks and plaid shirt have been on my list for awhile, and the white button down and blazer have also been worn a couple of times already.

**Editing to add - when I tried on the tanks, I discovered they weren't going to work for me, so they are going back. Good news is, that puts me right under $50 - bad news is, I really need some new tank tops! :)

I got a few more pieces today, but since they were birthday presents, I don't have to count them in my budget for the month. :) I got a pretty red and black print blouse, black pants,  and a lovely raspberry solid scarf.

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You got some really great deals! I have the owl neclace, too. It is very cute!