31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Decluttering

September was a busy month: getting used to new school and dance schedules, church meetings, and more. Plus my daughter has gotten 3 colds already this fall! All this has left me feeling a bit disorganized and behind.

Today we spent some time decluttering and organizing. We went through my daughter's dresses, her dress-up clothes, her games, our CDs, Wii games, and DVDs, my fabric, and our craft supplies in general. We have a pile for Goodwill, got Amazon trade-in credit for 6 items (read more here at Money Saving Mom), put up some items on Paperback Swap and Swap a CD, a small pile to list on Ebay, and I have some destash fabric ready to photograph and list in the Etsy shop. Whew!

It felt so good to spend time doing this today. I know listing and shipping items will take a bit of time, but in this case it feels worth it. I am trying to get things cleared out and organized before my daughter's birthday and the Christmas holidays. Maintaining the space and limiting what we bring in will be key over the next few months.

What did you do on your Saturday? Anything to organize, declutter, or simplify?


Anonymous said…
Probably none of the above today...we had a soccer tournament in the rain. =) Then I sewed a little and had family visit. It was a nice and busy day. =)

Sounds like your September was as busy as ours. Have a rest filled Sunday!
That is what I did ALL LAST WEEK! It feels so great to get these things out of my house (although not everything has made it to its destination yet). YAY for your decluttering and the extra $! :)