31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Saying Yes

This post is short and I don't have any photos, but we painted pumpkins today. When I got home from work around lunchtime, my daughter said she wanted to decorate the pumpkins she on the way home from preschool with her granny.

So we decorated - she glued on buttons and hair and painted a mouth and cheeks and added glitter. She said she made a pumpkin version of herself. I attempted some chevron stripes and added a bit of glitter, too. She had fun; I had fun. Sure, I had other things that needed done today, but I am glad I said yes to her simple request. Hopefully, she will remember these times.


She will remember.....:)
Good for you!

We were in the paint and glitter yesterday, too. It did not end so well because someone deliberately disobeyed me. :( Oh, well. I tried!