31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Readings on Simplicity

I am amazed by all of the bloggers participating in the 31 days series this year! I've picked around 10 new blogs to follow through the next month. I chose many because I think they will help me to clarify my mission and goals relating to simplicity.

One series I have already enjoyed is this one on Thoughtful Thrifting at Growing Up Gillian. She linked to a great post at the Nester about How to Cure Thrift Store Shopping. For the most part, I am a thoughtful and careful thrifter. I work off of a list and don't bring lots of random finds into my wardrobe or home. However, I know that sometimes I feel like I need to resell thrifted finds that didn't work for whatever reason. I rationalize that I can make my money back on an item by reselling on Ebay, so I should. There is an opportunity cost with this scenario...and the time and stress of listing, selling, and packaging on Ebay often takes away from simplicity in my life. I guess the solution is that I need to be even more careful about what I buy. I think going shopping and thrifting less often is key as well.

I wanted to share about some resources relating to simplicity being offered for a great price with all proceeds going to an excellent cause. Hop on over to Life Your Way to get a fabulous collection of eBooks for only $5. All profits go to benefit the Barlow family (you can read about their story at the link).


Anonymous said…
I have definitely found the best cure to the thrifting bug is to stay away! =) With that said, I do really need to go locate some long sleeved shirts for winter...these short sleeved one's aren't going to cut it.

Ebay is a pain in the bottom. I used to sell a lot when it first started and I was beginning my at home adventure as a Mom. Then I stopped for many years...when I've attempted to sell in recent years, I've had more stress than it's worth. I don't think I'll sell much there anymore.
You have inspired me. I don't sell on ebay, but I was considering it. I usually don't even have yard sales, but I have had a box sitting around with that in mind. However, my original motto is that it is not worth my time (in the past I have made next to nothing) or the space it takes up to have this stuff sitting around. It is much more liberating to just give it away!

I have been doing some major purging and reorganizing this week! I did this last October, too- maybe it is the changing seasons? Anyway, it feels great!!!