31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Progress

I realized I missed a couple of days! I was going to write a few extra posts to make them up, but I decided this one would be fine.

I've been working on some projects; trying to finish some things I've started and hopefully be done with them for awhile. I listed a couple more Ebay items, took some things to a consignment shop, and have been photographing my wardrobe to add to this web site: Go Chic or Go Home

It has turned into a little more extensive of a project that I anticipated, but boy has it been interesting. It does pertain to simplicity as well. I don't think I have a huge wardrobe, but I do have a lot of things. I feel even more convinced than I did before that I need to stay out of Goodwill for awhile. I had already made the decision to stay out of Goodwill until November (thanks to some wise advice from Anita), but I think I should stay away even longer!

I think having my items photographed reminds me of all I do have and will hopefully help me to be creative and continue to work with the items I have.

I know this post was a bit of a ramble, but I do think this exercise will help me in an area that I need to simplify. Instead of thrifting, I can be spending time with my family or sewing or baking...you get the idea. :)


I went to our Goodwill the other day and I am still not very impressed. I try not to go shopping more than I have to- even to the grocery store. As soon as they get you in the door, you can bet that you are going to get something else you don't really need. Chocolate doesn't count. I need that.
Anita said…
I almost think shopping can be draining...so I'm sure you'll enjoy the freedom not doing it!

Speaking of shopping, I have multiple stores to visit today, with coupons and lists. I am hoping to be in and out, not spending more than I need too. I don't look forward to the trip, but our cupboards are getting low and now is a good time.

Have a lovely day Carly and God bless you as you simplify.