31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Frugality and Decluttering

I came across a couple of articles today that I thought meshed well with the concept of living simply. One is this article on five mindsets that are imperative to frugal living. To me, so many things that are frugal are also simple - and simplicity is mindset #1! It's a great article.

The other article is about five tips for a clutter-free home. The tips are great reminders of how we can keep our homes tidy and, in my opinion, our lives are simpler as a result.

I'm trying to keep working toward this goal of simplicity. Today we finished up our jack-o-lantern jars and took a leaf walk. We collected leaves and put them in contact paper. Anna thought it was great and put our poster of leaves up. I also have been working on sewing valances for our church nursery. We've been working on re-decorating it since the summer and I am so ready for it to be all finished! It feels good to be making progress on some of these projects - instead of buying more stuff or starting new projects.

What projects have you been working on lately?


We are finally making progress in my kitchen! YAY!