31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Easy Fall Craft

One of the 31 days blogs I've been reading is this Homemade Holidays series at Eyes on the Source. One idea I wanted to try were these cute mason jar jack-o-lanterns. One key to their simplicity: we were able to make them without buying any supplies! The photo above is in process, of course, but we plan to add some cute paper to the top of the jar and some ribbon, too. We used construction paper and Mod Podge to make the faces.

I also want to do a bit more outdoor fall decorating. I liked this post about decorating with pumpkins. It gave ideas for decorating that cost $4-$44. 

What are you creating for fall? How do you decorate?


I posted about my outdoor fall decorating project today. :)

Your jack-o-lantern jar is so cute! I should try something like that with the kids. Great job!!!