31 Days of Seeking Simplicity: Being Creative

As I have mentioned a number of times, I like to shop and I like to thrift. Over the last year and a half, some of my favorite pieces of clothing have come from Goodwill. As I have built up my wardrobe, I have become more picky about what I am looking for when shopping anywhere, including thrift stores. My current shopping wish list is fairly specific. **

As a result, it is harder to actually find what I am looking for at Goodwill. I go in around 1-2 times a week, but I have been trying to scale back a bit because it is hard to keep making the time for something that isn't yielding a lot of results right now. 

Instead, I have been trying to be more creative with what I already have in my wardrobe. I use Pinterest as a tool - as color inspiration and to give me unexpected combinations of clothing. I layer more with long sleeves under short sleeves and add lots of vests, jackets, and cardigans. I also try to pin things that are realistic for me to replicate with clothing that I already have. I sometimes make notes to substitute in a different colored blazer or top. I also go hunting for new outfit ideas by searching for "olive skinnies" or "corduroy blazer" to get new ideas for pieces I currently own.

We went to Goodwill tonight and looked around. There was a ton of Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic, and Talbots. I ended up not buying anything because nothing was quite right. Hopefully this will result in less items ending up on Ebay or back at Goodwill. :)

Do you like to be creative with your wardrobe? I'd love to hear your tips. 

**Current shopping wish list - subject to change at any time.
  • Burgundy top or sweater
  • Grey cardigan or sweater
  • Grey dress pants
  • Colored skinny or straight leg cords
  • Red jacket or sweater
  • Checked or plaid shirt
  • Tanks and t-shirts for layering
  • Black cardigan
  • Ankle boots
  • Red flats
  • Colorful scarf


Anita said…
I can't say I'm super picky, I'm more of a practical dresser. I don't like layering clothes and I don't accessorize, so I can keep my wardrobe fairly simple. I like to look nice...so clothes need to fit properly, not tight, showing every curve, crevice, and whatnot. I like to wear jeans and a nice sweater most of the winter and find all of my clothes at goodwill. My last stop yielded three lovely soft turtleneck sweaters, a couple long sleeve shirts, two Land's End fleece shirt/coats to throw over my shirts for the cold winter, and a jean skirt. I bought a few other things for my daughter and spent around $20 total. I love my GAP jeans from goodwill and it definitely pays to go looking for something specific - you don't bring home a lot of unnecessary stuff. =)
I am still looking for a white or cream cardigan, but I FINALLY found some camis for layering. YAY!