First May Finish

This week I decided to stray from my sewing project list and make something super fun for me. :) My sweet husband gave me a couple of hours sewing on Monday night and I finished this on Tuesday morning.

I used this tutorial for a Kids Messenger Bag. Then, I added 3 pockets, and made the strap longer so it is a mini cross body messenger bag for me. I loved how it turned out and I think I am going to make one as a Mothers' Day present.

Speaking of which: any simple Mothers' Day craft ideas for kids to make? I think we'll do some crafting for the grandmas this week. We might paint terra cotta pots or something, but I am open to ideas! Leave me a comment and Happy Friday!


very cute. I love the bright colors.
great job on the bag!

we have made stepping stones with their handprints, scrapbooks of the grandkids, and sugar scrubs. those were all very nice!