Thrifted: Children's Books

We just finished up a Mom 2 Mom sale at our church - our first - so it was a fun and busy day! We are already talking about our next one, so that is a good sign. :)

My favorite thrifted purchase this week was this set of 5 Fancy Nancy beginning reader books. I found these at Goodwill, in the original box, with virtually no wear on them at all for $5. A dollar apiece for these books is really good and my daughter loves Fancy Nancy.

I think the books are great for building vocabulary and lately they've been coming out with some good titles that incorporate science and social studies concepts as well. I am looking forward to reading some of the new Fancy Nancy Chapter books, too!

Did you thrift or go to garage sales this week? I can't wait for garage sales to start around here. Did you have a favorite purchase?


Beth said…
Looks like nice books!
Yard sales haven't started around here, but we have a twice yearly children's consignment sale (it is called the Lollypop shop) and we got a lot of clothes/shoes/books there at a good price.
My favorite thrift purchase was an incredibly sturdy wheeled garden stool (with a tool storage compartment) that I got last year for $3. It is the perfect height for working in the garden!
I try not to go to too many! ;)

Great deal on the books! My girls love Fancy Nancy!!!
What a terrific find!!
Anonymous said…
I went to a church sale last Thursday after my kids were home from school. They had some great things at amazing prices...I don't even remember all of what I got for less than $10...but I did pick up a cute fossil purse for summer for only $.25! =)

Have a great week.