T-Shirt Refashion

LinkLately, I have been in the mood to revamp my wardrobe for spring. I have list of spring wardrobe "wants" and I've been trying to shop using the list when I go to Goodwill or Target or the mall - let's face it, I want to find these items for a good price!

When we were at Sears on Friday, I came across a cute striped top (which is on my list) for only $4. It was too big for me, but I thought I could probably do some refashioning to make it fit. It was super simple. I found this idea to add elastic to the neckline which made it more like a peasant blouse neckline. Then I turned it inside out, traced the outline of a shirt that fits me well and stitched along the outline. I trimmed off the excess on the inside and I was finished!

Then, I decided to do a bit of refashioning of a green t-shirt that I bought recently that had acquired some holes. I made a super simple knit infinity scarf (no sew only cutting) and a braided headband inspired by this tutorial. I added a rolled fabric rosette as well. I am hoping I can wear the headband since it is so soft - I usually get headaches from headbands.

I am hoping to finish up a mug rug today and maybe make a scarf (on the spring list!) from a super inexpensive piece of Lisette floral fabric I picked up on Friday - for only $3.50!


Very cute and trendy! Good job!!! :)