Frugal Fun: Calendar Puppets

Whenever a new year begins, I always have a hard time getting rid of calendars! I know there are many uses for old calendars, but I never have tried any of them. This year, when I took my daughter's princess calendar down, I thought about what cute stick puppets it would make!

The princesses were the perfect size for this project, but I am sure it would work well for other animals and characters as well. Calendar paper is nice and thick, making the puppets pretty sturdy.

This is a super simple and quick project - here's what to do:

1. Gather your supplies - calendar, craft sticks, scissors, and tape

2. Cut your puppet images out of the calendar.

3. Tape the craft stick to the back of the calendar image.

That's it! You're done! This would work well as a project for kids to make. I'm pretty sure I got this calendar last Feb. for $2 or $3, so this is a super inexpensive project. I think we'll play with these puppets using our puppet theater made from a project board. Do you have a favorite frugal way to repurpose calendars and cards?