What I Wore

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Well, I am really late to the party, but since it is still Wednesday, I'll link up. Only got a photo or two this week, but paired up some leggings and boots with a tunic top this week, so I thought I'd share.

Jacket: Goodwill; Tunic: Sears; Leggings: Meijer; Boots: Sears; Headband: Target

Today's outfit - Sweater: Goodwill (love it! - the sweater and layers are all one piece); Skirt: Goodwill (Liz Claiborne - $1.29); Shoes: Target; Jewelry: Avon

I'm linking up!
pleated poppy


Anonymous said…
Way to go on the goodwill buys! =) I was thinking about how I don't like to layer clothes...then you said it was one piece...better and better. =)
Ashley said…
Love your Goodwill and Target deals! :)