Christmas Crafting: Wreaths and Gifts

There are so many wonderful crafts to do and there are lots of extra ideas around at Christmastime! I love to craft with my daughter as well as make handmade gifts. I decided to pick one craft each week to do with her and one extra craft to make myself each week before Christmas.

This week, our chosen crafts were yarn wreaths and crayon shapes. Neither of these crafts are particularly difficult, but I will say they both take some extra time. I did manage to make a wreath, but as you can see in the photo above, it is not a yarn wreath. Over the last week and a half, I only managed to wrap about 1/5 of my wreath form with yarn. So, last night, I took the yarn off and looked through my supplies to see what I could do instead.

I wrapped the wreath above with 2 kinds of ribbon, then made rolled fabric rosettes to decorate it. Overall, I am pretty happy with the end result and I am thrilled to have a wreath on my front door again. I just did not have the patience to wrap the wreath with yarn!

We did make the crayons and they turned out well, but we only made 4 of them - and my daughter used 3 of them and gave one away. :) I hope we can still make more to give to the kids at church.

I also made my daughter a chef's hat using the tutorial here at Sewing in No Man's Land. Really easy and adorable - took an hour from start to finish. This one will probably go in her stocking or with the cash register and food set she is getting for Christmas.

I have 2 more crafts lined up for this week - and we already got a head start on this one. What kinds of Christmas crafts are you making this week? I am always looking for new ideas!

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