31 Days of 31 Minutes: Day 31 - A Chapter Completed

Today is the last day of my posts all about 31 Days of 31 Minutes! It has been a fun month and I did manage to post every day for a month. I've learned a lot about myself, my time, and what I value over the last month. I may not get to sew every single day and some days (like today) it's hard to get much extra done, but for the most part, I can find a small snippet of time each day to do something that energizes me and helps me to cultivate some of my own interests.

Looking back over the last month, I can tell that right now, I am rediscovering fashion and shopping - in the form of thrifting and Pinterest. I think I'll be linking up to What I Wore Wednesday for the first time this week. I also love to bake, run, sew, and spend time with my family - not necessarily in that order. :)

I actually did like blogging (much) more often than I had been. I know I won't be blogging every day in November and December, but perhaps once or twice a week I'll pop in. I appreciate everyone who read along during this month and I found some great new blogs through this series as well.

Have a great evening and Happy November!!