31 Days of 31 Minutes - Day 20: Recommended Reading

Well, today was not the best one for the morning routine. I am still having a tough time picking out clothes! Not sure why, so I'll have to keep thinking about how I can streamline and work on my morning routine. If you have any tips or ideas, feel free to leave me a comment!

Nothing too exciting was accomplished today - I finished a couple of items for the shop, so I did manage to sew for a bit. I also did a lot of blog reading. Since I have clothes and fashion on the brain, I'll leave you with a couple of blogs I enjoyed reading today.

What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy
Biblical Homemaking - She puts together some darling outfits from thrifted clothing - so cute.

Just think, tomorrow is Friday! Have a great evening!


I had to smile when I read "having trouble picking out clothes". When I worked, it was rotation thru the same clothes. Then one day I looked at that walk-in closet and said, there is a better way.

When I did laundry, I would hang the clothes I just did on another wall. I hung clothes in the closet by outfits. That way each morning, I I had a top and skirt/pants ready. Simply the next outfit I came to. Worked great and everyone thought I had gotten new clothes!

Nowadays, I just wear whatever until I get them worn out!