31 Days of 31 Minutes - Day 2: Awareness

I've been thinking a lot about this month and where I think some of these 31 minutes posts might take me. So much of "finding" the time simply focuses on awareness, an awareness of what we are doing with each of the minutes we are given in a day.

Starting to write about time management on a weekend is kind of nice. It eases me into the challenge. Because we all know that weekdays are usually the real challenge. I doubt that my weekday posts will be as long as these first couple have been.

I made a conscious effort on Saturday - Day 1 - to try and not sit down and mindlessly start browsing the internet. You know how it is - you think of something you want to look up quickly and all of a sudden you've been looking online for 20 minutes (or more). That's how it always is for me, anyway.

I also tried hard on Saturday to do my work things, homeschool planning, and exercising first. I was really discouraged when I was still not finished at 5:30 Saturday afternoon. I was also disappointed that since my daughter had come down with a cold and was running a low grade temperature, we wouldn't be able to eat with my parents.

However, the way the evening turned out was really a blessing. My wonderful dad and mom brought dinner to our home. My favorite 31 minutes of the day ended up being my husband, my daughter, and myself enjoying snacks and a movie in our living room. I even managed to find a few minutes to sew.

Because of the focus of my writing this month, I was more aware of my time, my minutes during this first day of October. Maybe awareness is one of the keys to using my time wisely.

I did spend a few minutes browsing all of the awesome topics for the next 31 days as well. It was hard to choose, but I managed to pick a few new blogs to follow along and read during October.

How did your first day of October go? Any blessings or challenges? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.


I love your topic and can totally relate to getting sucked into spending way to much time online. I love reading others blogs, and I've become addicted to Pinterest LOL! I try to set a timer for 15-30 minutes at a time and race around and get my housework done, then spend 15 minutes online and back to doing housework until my chores are done. Sounds a little ADD I know :) I going to follow along to see what you get done.

I too an participating in 31 Days with 31 Days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly.