31 Days of 31 Minutes - Day 18: Preserving Memories

I feel like I have gotten off track a bit with this 31 minutes challenge, but in spite of this, I think my perspective on how I use my time is changing. I am trying to look at things in light of what I have gotten accomplished as opposed to all of the things I want to do but haven't accomplished.

I got behind on developing photos over the summer. We take tons of pictures, but haven't developed any since May or early June. When I saw this great promo code for a free photo book from Paper Coterie, I knew I needed to make one of these books. I probably took an hour or so today to upload photos and create a photo book of our summer and early fall adventures. (For less than $10!)

It was a good exercise for me as well because instead of focusing on all we didn't get to do this summer, I realized how blessed we are. We took a weekend trip, picked apples (twice), went to a local wildlife park, got ice cream, and lots more. My daughter got to participate in swimming and soccer, played outside a ton, splashed in her pool...the list goes on.

Being able to do this allowed me to complete a task on my to do list, while helping me to remember all the good times we have together as a family. This was especially nice on a rainy day like today when I woke up to a little girl fighting another cold.

How do you change your perspective when you need to refresh and recharge?