31 Days of 31 Minutes - Day 12: Good Enough

Today was just one of those days when I never really found my groove. Nothing bad happened...just lots of little unexpected things that caused me to sort of not find my rhythm. I wasn't as productive as I would have liked to be, but there were lots of things to be grateful for. It stopped raining and I was able to run; my daughter had fun making glitter pumpkins with my mom; and we got to spend some extra time with my parents.

Today's post is also about how to decide when something is "good enough". I'm planning a little birthday party for my daughter. It really is little - just a few family and friends at our church. There are so many amazing parties out there on blogs and Pinterest, so it is easy for me to get caught up in making things perfect. I'm trying hard though, to not obsess over little details - she is going to be happy with kids and cake - that's what my mom keeps telling me. :)

We got Dollar Tree cupcake party supplies and I made the invites on my computer and sent them to one hour photo at Meijer and had them printed as 4"x6" photos. I need a craft or two and some cake ideas...I never do a great job with cakes, so I may just buy one. By stopping myself instead of continuing to research, it gives me time to work on other things.

If you have fun and simple kids' crafts (for ages 3&4) or easy cake ideas, I'd love it if you leave me links in the comments.

Do you find that it is easy to settle for "good enough"? Or do you keep researching and looking for something better?


Anonymous said…
Well Carly, for me, settling for good enough is sometimes the only option. I have had larger birthday parties for my children, where I went all out with a theme....but then there were years where we simply gathered at my parents house for cake (I can't even have a 'party' in my apartment, because it's too small!)

I love the larger selection at the Dollar Store these days...I"m all for saving money and you can really keep things cost effective. Last year I made hats for all the kids at my son's party...fleece hats for less than $10! It was work, but nothing too difficult, and it's a party favor that will last, as opposed to junk...that they'll just throw away.

Anyway, no links here...sorry. I say just do what's right for your family and your daughter will still know she's loved! =)
It is so easy to go overboard with decorations and details. Think of the gifts you could buy by keeping it good enough!

Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree! It wasn't around when my kids were little. I'd end up spending $40-50 on stuff.

I found melmac Birthday cake plates and a large cake plate and actually found a tablecloth that matches. We have all used them for years now. Primary colors. The tablecloth nor dishes were cheap, but over the years they have paid for themselves many time sover.

Anonymous said…
I haven't been big on birthday parties when my kids were little - I found they enjoyed a playdate with their friends just as much as party games. As the kids grew older they have organised their own parties, or parties for their siblings.

The simpliest cake I gave my kids was a tub of icecream with candles stuck in it. Bit slack but the kids had fun and aren't marred for life!!

As for craft ideas - what about getting the kids to decorate their own cupcakes. 2 birds 1 stone.
Evelene S said…
The best party I threw for my daughter was when the kids decorated cookies. They loved decorating the cookies and were thrilled to take them home and show their parents their creations. I made square cookies, round cookies just basic shapes and one kid took the square cookie and made a present out of it. Their imaginations went wild. My daughter was thrilled with that party.