31 Days of 31 Minutes - Day 10: Clearing Out

We live in a small house (approx. 1100 sq. feet). As a result, we are always reorganizing, getting rid of things, shuffling furniture and so on. Today, since my hubby was home from work, he helped me work on my closet. I purge my closet on an ongoing basis, but I know there is more work to do. Since I've identified getting dressed in the morning as a stumbling block, I have been doing lots to try and figure out how to simplify the process for myself.

Inspired by this 31 days series, I decided (with some prompting) that today would be the day when I got rid of some pants. I have lots of pants that are perfectly fine - but I won't wear them. Mentally, I look in the closet each day and say - those are too short, too nubby, too long, a weird color - and so on. Can you relate? There were lots of pants to clear out. And we did it...in about 31 minutes today. Now, I need to do a bit of shopping. :)

What project did you work on this Monday?


Anonymous said…
Awe...I'm of the mind that things need to go out often too! I don't see the point of holding on to so much...and having a small space (especially one that's not your own) does help in that process.

I have to stay away from some stores for the sole purpose of not bringing things home that I don't really need. =)