Friday Fun!

It was a short week with the holiday, but I am glad it is Friday! Something about Friday just feels so much more relaxed, doesn't it? It's been a busy week - starting back into our fall routines with dance class and choir practice at church, plus something about the season makes me want to work on projects even more than usual. We've been cleaning things out, listing on ebay, making up scrap bundles for the shop, organizing the garage, doing home decor projects and more.

I'm transferring photos from our camera to the computer, so here are a few photos from around here...

Fabric in embroidery hoops

Dahlia blooming

First day of homeschool

Stacks of scrap bundles

What have you been up to lately? Is the change is seasons making you work on any new projects? Any big plans for the weekend?


Anonymous said…
I haven't done much, though I'd like to make a bag for myself. =) No plans for the games canceled, so I guess I might get to sew! =)

Hope you enjoy yours!
sweetybird09 said…
I have been working on some cotton blue and pink baby blankets for my etsy store, I need to work on some throws for the fall, as far as the fall coming here, this is San Diego where this month can be the hottest, so its still summer here.

Have a great weekend!