Scenes from this Week

My favorite purple mug - with my mug rug under it!

This past week, I was inspired by a favorite blog The Homespun Heart and her challenge to make our homes a haven. I didn't keep very good records of our week in photos, but I do have a few pictures to share - and I know that I did accomplish some extra tasks this week.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss this week and last Sunday, I made a banner out of a Dr. Seuss quilt panel and some yardage that I bought awhile ago. I cut out the two sides of the fabric using pinking shears and sewed them together. Then I sewed each piece to some ribbon. Pretty quick and easy! We read lots of Dr. Seuss books and did a few fun activities, too.
My husband and I are both getting ready for Lent - he gives up chocolate and I give up buying fabric! I made him brownies this week because we didn't have any chocolate in the house. I also made granola and scones yesterday - love the scones and will be making them again. I adapted this recipe - ours used more liquid and I topped them with cinnamon and sugar since we didn't have chocolate chips. Oh! And I made myself a scarf from some Anna Maria Horner fabric - these might be coming to the shop - what do you think?

Finally, we started tackling a home project from over a year ago! Painting unfinished trim - here is a pic in progress and we are much closer now.
I was glad to have the challenge and am going to keep trying to finish some of these outstanding projects in the next couple of weeks!


The Dr. Seuss banner is just great!

I don't know how you get everything done in your busy schedule! Bravo!