A New Dress

Here's a new little dress I sewed for my girl...I am hoping it will work as a top in the future. I used inspiration from these two sites to put it together, but didn't really follow any pattern, just some simple measurements.

From an Igloo: One Hour Sundress

Kojo Designs: Fabric Tie Sleeves

Oh, and just to keep it real, the dress is already in the wash...it got mini M&M's squashed on it during a lunchtime picnic. I think Dreft should take care of it. :)


I love it. Are you going to be making them for your shop or will you share a tutorial? :o)

Anonymous said…
Awe, very cute...I'm planning to make a sundress for my niece...just bought the fabric with her yesterday. =) Thanks for the tip!
Miranda's Place said…
The dress is sooo cute. I used to sew clothes when I first started out and somehow I have drifted to quilts.