When I saw this tutorial for a museum tunic dress at Anna Maria Horner's web site, I decided to give it a try. I only had elastic thread on hand instead of the elastic - and let me tell you - I need work on the elastic thread! I had a really hard time with it and made a belt for it instead.

Super simple dress, though, and easy to adapt - mine does not have as deep of a "v" in the front or back and worked well over a tank top. It was really comfortable, too. I think it will work well with tights and a cardigan in the fall/winter.

I used some of the fabric from the Cherish Nature line by Moda.

OK - if you have tips on using elastic thread, send them my way...I am not sure I will be trying it again in the very near future, though!


Helen said…
Pretty, Carly! I have no pointers for you, though. I personally have never tried to use elastic thread before...and after reading your post, I'm not sure if I'll be courageous enough to try them anytime soon, either. Nice job on the dress!
Anonymous said…
Very nice! I don't like sewing clothes, but you did a lovely job. =)
Good work Carly and I think I like the belt better than an elasticised waist.