A Blanket, a Recipe, and Holidays on the Brain

I'm still here! Keeping busy, but wanted to stop in with a few goodies...

I have been doing lots of sewing and finished a baby blanket for a friend. It was my first time making something like this and it was so fun! I am going to make my daughter a larger one. She requested pink and so I have so pretty fabrics all picked out. This one used some Dick and Jane fabrics. So fun!

I made this granola today. Really easy and really yummy! Will definitely be making more!

I have been doing more crafting and activities with my daughter and was excited to find this set of free shape book patterns. These will make great templates for lots of things. I was looking for a fish to use with a fabric decoupaging activity. It went over well! :)

I have been thinking about starting my Christmas gift making. Last year, I was really new to sewing and making gifts and would love to do more this year. What are some of your favorite home made gift ideas? Also, any great Fathers' Day ideas? I know, I know, I'm short on time...but my little one and I could still make something.

I'll stop back in again soon!


Anonymous said…
How wonderful! The blanket is lovely...I love granola and hope to make some this summer...and I can't wait to do more with my children...I need to get my head into creative gear....I am so used to being alone and doing my own thing...I hope I have the patience and creativity to develop them!

Have fun with your Christmas giftings...I think that a lot of the items in your shop would make nice gifts...a set of placemats and some napkins...very green! =)
Amaria said…
I love that Dick and Jane fabric!
What a darling blanket! Where did you ever find "Dick and Jane" fabric? It brings a smile to this baby boomer!
sweetybird09 said…
That is a good job for your first blanket...wow!

Granola sounds good, can you post the recipe?

Carly - I love that blanket.

Love everything you make.