First Quilting Attempt

Last week I finished my first quilted project. I used a charm pack to make it and backed it with some matching purple fabric. I really enjoyed working with all the fabric and putting it together. I have a few things I didn't do well at all, but I am not too discouraged...I hope to try quilting again very soon. Do you have any tips for a beginning quilter?


Sorry - no tips from me except that your first attempt is just beautiful!

Riikka said…
I'm not an expert either! But as Sue said, the first attempt looks lovely!
PACountry said…
It looks great! That perfect 1/4" seam is crucial and make sure you get all of your corners to match up. I wouldn't even think of showing anyone my first quilt- it was terrible! Hundreds of 2" blocks are not for a newbie!
AMKreations said…
It turned out lovely! Great job.
Annie said…
Not an expert, but looks really beautiful.

Have a nice weekend.
Laurel H. said…
You did GREAT for a newbie! Like another commenter, my first quilt is a very humbling, very embarrassing item! The 1/4" IS very crucial; also staying within one fabric line is very safe until you are comfortable creating your own combinations. Quilt on!

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