Simple Skirt for Easter

I just finished a simple skirt for myself for Easter. I used the tutorial here at Handmade Mommy (and adjusted the measurements as necessary) and made the skirt out of this Heather Bailey fabric. It was purchased from Just Fabric on Etsy - I would definitely buy from her shop again!

I really like the fabric, too - the picture I took doesn't show how vivid and cheerful the teal is. I have quite a bit left over and am planning to make a few more things out of the fabric - maybe some button earrings, a skirt for my daughter, or a pretty fabric rosette! We shall see!

I have lots more projects I want to work on, including (I think!) learning to quilt. I bought a walking foot this morning, so I have everything I need to give it a try!

What Easter projects are you working on this week?


What a cute skirt Carly. No Easter projects for me. I am going to make a special Passover casserole for the Seder at our Church for Friday. The dish is called Tsimmis.
The skirt is just adorable! I hope you make one for your little girl when you get a chance:)
Maggie said…
Adorable skirt! The walking foot will make all the difference when you're ready to quilt!
PACountry said…
Great job! I am almost done with my Easter skirt- just the zipper (ick) to go and I made 2 different skirts for 2 of my daughters with one more dress to go! I will blog later!
Anonymous said…
Love that fabric line!

I'm not working on Easter projects. I actually have to pack my entire sewing room away, because the room I used is going to be used for our Pastor's convention next week. I don't like packing it's a pain, but at least I can use it when they don't need it. =)