WatchKnow: Educational Videos for K-12

Since mid-summer, I have been involved as a Media Review Panel Member at a new website called WatchKnow. With Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia) as executive director, WatchKnow is an online directory of educational videos for grades K-12. The videos are organized on the site by topic and are searchable by keyword and age level. Videos on the site are also rated, making it easier to find good quality videos.

Right now, the site has over 11,000 videos available, but more are constantly being added. The reason? This site is a wiki project, meaning the people who visit the site can also contribute to it. Perhaps you find a great video on a certain topic. Add it to WatchKnow! You can also contribute by rating the videos that you view and use.

This is a great resource for parents, teachers, students, homeschoolers and more. Videos can show a different way to teach a certain topic or give you a refresher on a specific subject.

Check out WatchKnow and let me know what you think!