We are a week and half into this construction project and are definitely seeing some progress! The backyard is all muddy, but the whole addition is framed and tub is in! My daughter told my mother in law that we need to get some toys for the bathtub because she is going to take a bath in it. :)

I looked at the shower curtain, rug, and curtains I had purchased and decided it was all wrong with the flooring we bought, so I took it all (except the flooring) back. I was really disappointed because I had gotten some great deals on these things! We ended up getting a plain sage green shower curtain for a really good price, so I feel a little better, but I am starting over a bit on my decorating plan.
I've been thinking of a sage, pale blue, and chocolate brown color scheme, but I'm not sure. We already have a sage green bathroom, so I want this one to look different. What color scheme do you think we should try?


Annie said…
Is a great progress, good job. Anxious to see the final reveal.