New Fabric

I went to Joann fabric and got some pretty new fabric for Christmas presents! I love designer fabric (Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, etc.), but when I get 6 yards of fabric for under $9, I still really like some of the fabric I can get at Joann's! I have several Christmas projects in mind for this fabric - shoe bags, tote bags, and more! I especially like the blue and brown damask fabric.

Where do you get your fabric?


alotalot said…
I'm with you! I love to buy stuff at the local fabric shop, but I usually only spend that kind of money for special projects. I love their "buy three get one free" sale. Otherwise, Fabricland (like Joann's) is where I spend most of my money. They give out coupons and have great membership sales. 40% off is my friend.
Liz said…
I get a lot at Joann's and a bit at quilt shops. I would love to buy all the beautiful fabric at the quilt shops, but I just can't afford the $9.00 a yard price tag. Plus I often have 40% off coupons for Joann's which are hard to pass up.I haven't bought any fabric on line just because it kills me to pay for shipping. I need to find a store that has free shipping...
Maggie said…
I didn't make it to the sale until today, so it was pretty picked over. I did pick up some fabric to make pajama bottoms, though. You found some really beautiful prints!

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