I heard about a new web site called on Money Saving Mom last week and decided to take a look at the site. is an online source of toiletries, cleaning products, household items, and some non-perishable grocery items. Your order is delivered to your home with free shippng.

I registered for a free account and placed a small first order. I got 4 Suave shampoos at $0.60 each, Kotex liners at $0.66, a bottle of Joy dish soap for $0.85, 2 Dove deodorants for $0.97 each, and 2 rolls of Bounty Basic for $0.59 each. The total cost for the order was $7.76 for all 10 items.

I placed this order late on Saturday evening and received it on Tuesday afternoon. I was amazed at how fast the shipping was! I will definitely keep an eye on the best deals at this site. There is a feature that shows the 50 best deals on the site. It is a nice supplement for grocery store deals and is very convenient. We are also going to consider using the site for my grandfather this winter when he can't get out to get some items.

Have you used What did you think of the site?