Knit Scarf

Last weekend, I picked up some knit fabric at Joann Fabric, hoping to make a simple scarf. I love wearing scarves, and they are a perfect layer for this time of year.
First, I tried this T-Shirt Scarf from Cut Out and Keep. It took quite a while to cut out all of the squares and the fabric kept twisting around. I like the finished scarf, but I think it would have turned out better with material that had color on both sides and with slightly larger squares. The scarf I made is super long and I didn't even use 50 squares. This probably took me about an hour and a half to make.

The second scarf was just made by cutting the knit fabric. No hemming or finishing, that's it. It took about 5 minutes. I like them both, but I'm just curious: which one do you like better?


Annie said…
Beautiful scarf. Good job. I wish here we could scarf but the weather here is too hot.