Porch Mini-Makeover

We were running some errands this morning, and made a stop at Lowe's. I was so excited to find that they had a bunch of outdoor furniture and accessories 75% off! I picked up this little white metal table for $7.50, 2 cushions for $3.25 each, and 3 pots for my mums for $2 each. When we got home, my mom and I put together the little table and put the cushions on the chairs. The porch is now a bit more comfy for relaxing during this last part of summer and into the fall.

Since I know many of you reading this are amazing DIYers, I'd love some advice. Here is a picture of the front of our house. (Please excuse my tired looking flowers!!) As you can see, the house is a tiny, plain ranch. I love cottage type home...cape cods, etc. What are some inexpensive ways you can think of for us to inexpensively add some cottage charm to this place? Looking forward to hearing from you!!
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So glad you found some great end of summer bargains!!
Great bargains!

As far as sprucing up the front of your house, what about adding a stone or paver walkway with flowers and bushes on each side? Or beefing up your porch railings and porch roof with extra trim, thicker posts, etc. Can you take off the screen door and just have your front door show and paint it a fun color? Could you add window boxes under your windows?
debbie said…
I agree with Delightful dwellings, beef up the porch posts to about 6", possibly add railings. You wouldn't have to actually replace them, just box them in. Add a wider trim board around the top of the porch roof, all 3 visible sides. Can't really tell from the angle of the pic but the porch floor "looks" lower than the grassy area in front. Add a few shrubs across the front and connect them to the side with the other plants using some curved lines(as opposed to straight) give it a well defined border, possibly using stackable stone/brick, add dark mulch and it'll help define the porch a bit better. Can you move the mailbox or spiff it up a bit? Some pops of color would help.

I loooove doing ext. makeovers. I could give some more precise ideas if you wanted to post a few more pics and at different angles.