Crafts I've Been Making

I haven't posted pictures of some of the new things I've made in a little while, so here is a quick round-up!

I've made these three mini crayon holders. I am trying to start making some things for the craft show that my mom participates in at the end of November.

I finished a little pre-smocked dress for my daughter. These dresses are so fun and easy! I have some pre-smocked ballerina fabric to make another one and I bought some owl print corduroy to make another dress. I'm deciding between a jumper and a t-shirt dress.

I also made a drawstring backpack using bandana napkins purchased at Target. They were 75% off and cost a dollar. I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It. It was so fun and I have already used it twice. I will definitely be making more!

I have a whole slew of ideas for my "next projects". Here are a few:

I've also been giving some thought to Christmas (!) and what I would like to try make for gifts this year. I also have a couple new sewing books "on my bookshelf" that have some great projects. I will save both of those for future posts!

Are you making any crafts right now? Are you thinking ahead to Christmas? Drop me a comment!

For more DIY projects, check out DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land!


Maggie said…
Very cute projects! I made myself a new bag today.
Looks great! I love making crayon rolls.

Stopping by from Kimba's...
jskell911 said…
I love them both! The crayon rolls would make great stocking stuffers
Happy squeals here!

I made my own expensive looking Pottery Barn inspired typography basket~come see.
sarah said…
very cute! I think I need to make some of those crayon cases!