Sewing Clothes for Myself

Over the last two weeks, I have attempted for the first time in years, to make myself some clothes. The first thing I tried was a simple elastic waist skirt. The fabric was only $2.50 a yard, so I got a yard and a half. I drafted my pattern (with my engineer husband's help!), and used this tutorial from Darling Petunia to help me as I put the skirt together. Here is the finished product! (Sorry for the picture...figuring out the new camera!)

Then, I saw this Anthropologie-inspired shirt tutorial and had to give it a try. (The fabric was $1.50 a yard!) This was much more difficult and I was ready to scrap the whole thing a couple of days ago. I made some measuring mistakes when I cut out the bodice part of the shirt and it was way too tight. I ended up cutting the front apart and added a panel to the front to make it fit. It is in no way shape or form perfect...don't look too closely at it...but I still love it! (As a side note, does anyone know what this fabric is? I couldn't find any information on the fabric itself and would love to know the designer/fabric name.)

I don't know what project is next for me, but I have lots of fabric and ideas. We'll see what's next!

What are you working on? Check out Do It Yourself Day on A Soft Place to Land for more projects!


Carrie said…
Way to go! I have yet to sew something for myself to wear...I'm sceeered!
Maggie said…
You don't give yourself enough credit! The top is adorable, and I looked close-- you did a great job!
Love it! Good for you to stick with it! I am to impatient and well I can't sew to do something like this! It looks Awesome!
Kasey Hunt said…
I'm so impressed with people who can sew. Looks great.
Annie said…
Beautiful!!! I need to check the blog that you mentioned because I have a sewing machine and I need to learn about sewing.
Great job! I love sewing but haven't made anything in a while. Thanks for the inspiration! :)