Saving on Flowers

Recently, my husband's grandmother passed away. We wanted to send flowers, but in the past have had some trouble with sending flowers through some of the online companies. The flowers weren't very similar to what was pictured, plus are fairly expensive.

Since we live in the same town as the funeral, I purchased flowers and a vase and put together an arrangement. We delivered the flowers to the funeral home ahead of the calling hours. The flowers probably cost about 1/2 of what a similar florist arrangement would have cost. (I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot.)

Obviously, this wouldn't work if the funeral were out of town, but I'm curious...have any of you done your own flower arrangements for funerals? When my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, I purchased roses and created a nosegay of roses for that funeral. This was a great deal cheaper than similar nosegays of florist created roses.

What do you typically do for funeral flowers?


Carolyn said…
I have never created my own arrangement, but for out of town funerals, I search the internet for a local florist. Then I call them directly and have them deliver the flowers. I have always heard that the arrangements were lovely. And I'd rather support any local business than a big online company that failed to deliver flowers 2 out of 2 times that I ordered from them. But, I'm not bitter :)
Carly said…
That is a good idea! I will have to remember to use local florists...I agree on supporting local businesses, also.