Onesie Dress

When I was going through my daughter's clothes a couple of weeks ago, I found a fairly new onesie with a hole in the fabric. I was sad because she had only worn it a few times. While I was checking out blogs online, I found this cute idea for a onesie dress at the Artful Parent! I decided to give this a try with the ripped onesie using some fabric I had picked up at Joann Fabric for $1.99 a yard.

I used the above tutorial in combination with this one found at Michael Grace Designs. Overall, the project was pretty simple, but I had a terrible time with the french seams to attach the dress and onesie used at the Michael Grace tutorial. I ended up ripping out two seams to use a simpler method of attaching the onesie and skirt. I also had to cut off the sleeves of my onesie to make it short-sleeved.

This was a fun project! I like that I could salvage the flawed onesie and make it into something really cute. I am hoping to make one of these dresses for the 4th of July!


Annie said…
It looks beautiful.
Maggie said…
Very cute--I call it a success!