Notebook Experiment: Homemade Cupcakes

Over the past weekend, we celebrated several family birthdays. I decided to make some cupcakes, but didn't have a mix in the house. I haven't made cupcakes from scratch in awhile, so went searching for a recipe. I found a great one through the MomAdvice blog. The recipe is for Chocolate Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream frosting, and originally comes from the Farm Chicks. It appeared in Amy's Notebook on 01.08.09.

This recipe was simple (I had all the ingredients in my pantry.) and easy to whip up. The boiling water added at the end does make for a very runny batter, but the cupcakes turn out great. The frosting was perfect and I tinted mine a pale blue and added some confetti sprinkles. The cupcakes are a hit and we have been enjoying them as treats this week! This recipe will definitely go in my recipe book for the future!

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Great job! I've made these before too. They're great!
Amy said…
That is my favorite cupcake recipe. I hope so glad they turned out and your family enjoyed them. Thank you so much for sharing an experiment this week!!
Annie said…
They look yummy!!!