Storytime Fun: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Today was another interesting day where I got to meet and hear another fabulous author speak! Laura Vaccaro Seeger is the author and illustrator of several award-winning children's picture books including:
  • The Hidden Alphabet
  • Lemons Are Not Red (I purchased a copy of this one today for my daughter and got it autographed!!!)
  • One Boy
  • Walter Was Worried
  • Black? White! Day? Night!
  • First the Egg (Caldecott Honor Book)
  • Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories
  • Dog and Bear: Two's Company
The first books on the list are concept books for younger readers and focus on letters, colors, opposites, transitions, etc. The illustrations in the books are amazing and very unique. They show different perspectives on objects and really get the reader to think about what is seen. Children and adults alike can spend a great deal of time looking at the illustrations in these books and observing the different components.

The Dog and Bear books are charming, funny children's picture books that tell more of a traditional story. These books explore friendship and other themes and resonate with children because they can relate to Dog and Bear's dialogue and the events in the stories.

Laura's web site is a great one to check out as well. Here are a few of the fun activities available to accompany the books.

Learn to Draw Bear (From Dog and Bear)
Reader's Theater Script for Dog and Bear: Two's Company "Ice Cream" (Word Document)

We also used some of the ideas behind the concept books to create our own mini die-cut books. Kids would love to try this activity, so check out some of Laura's books today!

I am hoping to write one more post in the next few days telling a little bit about Judy Nichols' presentation today. She focused in storytimes for toddlers and storytelling for a K-4 audience. She had some amazing ideas that I am looking forward to sharing and implementing.