Frugal Friday: Home Decor

Here are a couple of inexpensive items I've put together recently to brighten up our home!

I was feeling sad a couple of weeks ago when my tulips were at their peak - I knew they wouldn't last too much longer! I decided to take a few pictures to put in this collage frame we already had. It was about $1 to get the 9 pictures printed.

I like to make new pillows for our living room every 6 months to a year. I got this fabric for about $2 a yard (2 1/2 yards) and used the pillow forms from our existing pillows. Total cost: about $5 (plus time).

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I love your flower photos. I should have taken pics of my spring beauties before they died out. Next year....

Gina said…
I've been sad about my flowers, too. What a good idea--I'm going to remember to do that when the sunflowers come up later this summer.
I like to recover my pillows periodically as well....such an easy way to update. Thanks for linking!
I love the pillows. Such cute fabric. Thanks!
Stephanie said…
I love tulips and I love the pics of yours!
what a great way to stretch the season of your blooms!
Jane said…
So pretty! I love when people frame up things that are personal and not just bought from a store.