Frugal Friday: Garage Sale Find

A couple of weeks ago, I made a list of outdoor toys that I thought my daughter would enjoy this summer. I also made a list of the retail costs for each item (playhouse, sand table, swingset, etc.). I couldn't believe the total! I knew that I would be visiting some garage sales to try and find some of these items.

Last week, we ended up at a sale sponsored by a Christian preschool in the area. On the way in, we saw a Little Tikes swing/slide, but figured it was sold. We went in, browsed around, picked up a few toys, and paid for our purchases.

On the way out, we saw the playset again. This time I noticed it had a price of $40 marked on it. My mom went back in to ask if it was sold...and it wasn't! The seller was willing to take $30 for it, and it was sold!

My sweet dad was with us and had to take the whole thing apart to fit in our car, but we took it home, cleaned it off, and put it back together. My little one really loves it!

What are some of your recent garage sale finds?

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Suzanne said…
What a great find! I'm actually going yard-saling tomorrow. The first time I've been, though I've held quite a few!
Great find! Coincidentally we bought that very same plaything from a yard sale when our son was wee little for $40. I guess that's the going rate! LOL


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Cool! What a find! I bet your daughter will love it!
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