Restoring Order: Frugal Utensil Drawer Organization

I feel like I should have accomplished more this week for the Restoring Order challenge. I did tackle my kitchen utensil drawer. I used the idea here at Design Sponge to make my drawer organizers using cardboard from boxes.

Here is the before:
And the after:
The drawer is still very full...but I do use a lot of gadgets in the kitchen! It seems much neater and I really like the polka dot wrapping paper!

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Great job! I love how you used what you had to make this so organized!
Clever! Way to use what ya got already!

Elizabeth said…
great idea to use the boxes... I will have to try that one myself...the drawer turned out wonderful and as long as you use all the tools and the drawer closes I think that is all that matters :-)
Anna said…
Your drawer looks great! I love to organize, and I need to learn more ways to do it myself instead of buying more stuff to organize with.
Our Lives said…
It makes me smile when I see others recycle what they have instead of running to the store. Looking at your drawer reminded me to do mine. :)
Rebecca said…
That is great! I so need to do my utensil drawer. My husband refuses to take anything out of it because he's afraid he'll get one of his fingers chopped off! :) Nice job and thanks for the inspiration.
Wow, that's cool! I just wish I had more drawer space. ;-)
Denise said…
What great ideas! I really need to organize my gadget drawer, it's pretty sad and crammed and annoying!

I found your link through Blissfully Domestic.
Megan said…
Great job! Nothing is better than using what you have to make your life simpler.
Eli's Lids said…
Looks great! I like the idea of cardboard to section it off!