Restoring Order: Coupon Box

This week I decided to tackle a small organizing project: my coupons! I have been using a small expandable file for a while, but have gradually been using more and more coupons. The file has been too small for some time now.

In addition, the categories were too broad, especially the "toiletries" and "paper/household" categories. These pockets were so full and took a really long time to look through to find coupons for toothpaste or Lysol wipes.

I got a larger box and used index cards for the dividers. I'm not sure what I think of the new system - it will definitely take some getting used to! Also, I ended up with a lot of categories - almost 30!

I will try this box for awhile and see how it goes. It was a lot easier finding coupons today when getting ready for a CVS trip, though!

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