Frugal Friday Field Trip: Garden Center

My mom wanted to stop by a local garden center today to pick up some pansies. We accompanied her and my little one loved it! She stopped to (gently) touch many of the plants and flowers and I tried to name the colors, kinds of flowers, etc. She even loved the huge fans at the ends of each aisle. For some free fun, take your little ones to look at the plants and flowers at your local garden center!

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Melissa said…
What a great idea!

My town park has beautiful gardens, including a sensory garden, where visitors are encouraged to smell and touch the herbs. It's free to visit, and you just reminded me that it's been too long since we did just that. :)
Laura Lou said…
Oh, but how do you leave a garden center without buying a li'l something beautiful?!
How fun! Thanks for sharing!