Christy's Craft Challenge: April

A few weeks ago, I saw something about Christy's Craft Challenge. I looked at the instructions, checked out some of the March projects, and decided to give it a try for April. Now, I definitely do not think I am a true "crafter". I enjoy crafts, but most don't come easily to me. (Just a disclaimer, my mom is the crafter behind CJ's Craft case you were worried. :)

When my April Craft Challenge Supplies arrived, I was stumped...I had no clue what to make. I talked it over with my mom and came up with an idea to use the supplies to make a photo holder. I decided to make it in a flowerpot and have the pictures be the "flowers".

After spending some time crafting today, here is my finished product!

In addition to the included supplies, I used the following:
  • Wire
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Green flowerpot (from the Target $1 Spot)
  • White ribbon
  • Floral oasis
  • Green and yellow ribbon
  • Letter stickers to spell "bloom"
Close-up of "flowers":

Back (to show I used all the supplies...including clothespins and felt!):
I am looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful, beautiful, creative ideas everyone comes up with! I did have fun participating in Christy's Craft Challenge this month!


Christy said…
Great idea! Thanks for blogging about it. Voting will start later this week so good luck!
Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!