Meijer Clearance Furniture

We have been thinking of getting a TV armoire for our living room for a few months now. The little girl frequently turns the TV on and off, changes the channel, and "adjusts" the volume. We thought a TV armoire would be helpful as it would put the TV "out of sight, out of mind" so to speak as well as getting the TV a little further out of reach. We've shopped around for some armoires, but have found most to be $300.00 and up.

On Saturday morning when we were at Meijer doing our grocery shopping, I spotted a pile of boxed clearance furniture on the other side of the cash registers. Imagine my surprise when I saw this armoire from Sauder sitting in the pile. The best part was that the armoire had been marked down to $136! Now, I know this is not a garage sale or thrift store price, but it was considerably less than we had been thinking about paying.

My husband did some measuring and checking to make sure everything would fit, and after we decided it would work, he went back on Sunday afternoon to purchase it. Less than $145 after tax! He is hoping to put it together this week, so I'll have to post a picture once it's up in the room.

This reminds me of when we got my Sauder craft cabinet at WalMart for $75. This piece has worked beautifully and held up well. We hope the TV armoire will work as well!

What are some of your favorite (unexpected) deals (big or small)?