Super Savings Saturday: Meijer and CVS

Despite all of the fabulous deals around this week, I feel like I didn't have a lot of luck snagging many of them. My Walgreens trip this week didn't yield any Huggies diapers - the shelves were bare! I looked at Target for the Huggies wipes, and they were out, too! The first CVS I went to didn't have any of the Big G cereal, but the second one did. I spent $4.24 oop for three boxes of cereal and a tube of toothpaste and earned $7.00 in ECBs.

Meijer was a small trip this week for us. We are working on using some of the goodies from previous weeks. I love when we can make small trips and use what we already have in our stockpile. Total spent at Meijer was $33.91. Our savings was $55.09, a lot of which was from the two shirts I got for $2.00 each! Some of my favorite deals I got were the free Quaker rice cakes after coupons and the ZipLoc baggies I got for $0.25 per box. The baggies were especially sweet because each box contained a $1.00 coupon for Honey Nut Cheerios. I was able to use these coupons at CVS!

We made a second Meijer trip this morning and they did have the Gentle Care wipes for $5.99. I was pleased to spend $0.99 after coupons!

What were some of your favorite deals this week? Have you managed to snag cheap Huggies wipes and diapers with your coupons?

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kari and kijsa said…
Great Deals!
kari& kijsa