Spring Frugal Fashion Finds

I have always been a deal-hunter when it comes to clothes. Long before I started reading frugal blogs and playing the drugstore game, I loved finding great clothes on clearance. Oh no, a plain old sale wasn't good enough for me, the clothes had to be rock bottom cheap. It used to drive my grandmother crazy how I would never buy anything that wasn't really inexpensive, even when she was buying.

I am most definitely not a person who goes out and buys complete outfits. I pick up shirts here and there for $3, pants for $5, and shoes for $6. Then I incorporate my new items into my current wardrobe.

Recently, I have been finding some great deals and after reading some spring fashion posts through Boo Mama and Blissfully Domestic, I was thinking I would put up some of my favorite new items. When Kelly mentioned the possibility of a "recession fashion" Mr. Linky, I decided that I would put this post together!

So here is a new outfit from some recent clearance finds!

Pink Cardigan $2 from Meijer (ours had a few racks of $2 and under clearance!)

Pants $5 from WalMart (navy, wide-legged, knit pants)

Butterfly Flats $4 from Old Navy

Earrings $5.99 from Avon

Total Cost: $16.99

Here's a close-up of the shoes and earrings. I can't wait to see some more inexpensive spring fashion inspiration!

For more frugal tips, head on over to Frugal Friday!


Kyla said…
Oh how cute! You did a great job with this :)
Amber Schmidt said…
Umm those flats are seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! I seriously have an addiction to flats! One would think I would wear heels to make myself taller... alas I do not!

Thanks for sharing! Going to look for a pair!
~Sara said…
Great outfit!
Anonymous said…
What a great outfit! I don't know about you, but when I find great deals on clothes, I look more confident wearing them. Maybe I'm a weirdo though!
Brooke said…
I love those flats!!!!
Carly said…
I didn't have any flats and I just loved these ones...the $4 price tag was what made me buy them, though. I agree, it's fun to wear something you know you got an amazing deal on!