Save Money on Milk

We typically buy milk that is produced by a local dairy. It is usually more expensive than store brand milk, but we really like being able to support a local business.

Recently we noticed that the milk is quite a bit cheaper at gas stations and convenience stores in the area. Depending on the kind of milk that is purchased, the milk is $0.70 to $1.20 cheaper. If you are buying 2 gallons per week, that is a savings of $70 to $100 a year!

Have you noticed milk prices varying greatly in your area? Where do you purchase milk?

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Brooke said…
milk at the grocery store has dropped over $1 per gallon! finally.
Anonymous said…
I will have to look into this around here, it would be wonderful to find it cheaper!!

I also posted on milk for frugal fridays, you should check it out!

God Bless!