DIY Window Seat Cushion

I am no seamstress. My mom is very handy with the sewing machine, but I have very limited skills. I have successfully made curtains and pillows for our home though, so last week I decided to make a cushion to put on top of my daughter's toy box in her room. The toy box serves as a "window seat" in her bedroom. She loves to sit (or stand) and look outside in the morning when she gets up.

I had fabric (this Classic Pooh toile) left over from the curtains and quilt made for her room when she was born, so I only needed to buy foam for the cushion. I was so surprised at how much foam by the yard costs! After looking at my options, I purchased two foam chair cushions similar to these for about $4 each using my Joann Fabric coupons. The two cushions put together are about the right size.
My husband measured and cut the fabric for me and last night I stitched it up. The fit isn't as tight as I would like, but I did some modifications and tightened the fabric up and tacked it down with some hand stitching. Here's the finished product:
I also reworked some of our wedding flowers into an arrangement for our daughter's room as well. I put it in a container from a flower arrangement my grandparents sent when she was born. I wanted to keep this container as something special since my grandma passed away when my daughter was 6 weeks old.

Wedding Flowers

New Arrangment

I have been wanting to do some crafting and am excited to have finished a couple of things!

What crafting have you been doing in your home?

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ohwow said…
I really like the pooh fabric you chose for your cushion. You are right foam is expensive!!! That was a really sweet way to re-use flowers to make a very special arrangement. I suspect your baby is little, little. Hang in'll have more time to craft as she gets older.